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We work in an unusual industry. Currently, there are no economically beneficial legal avenues – for one person, 20 people, or even 100 of us – that would justify the cost and risk of formally addressing the market threats and  monopolistic initiatives put forth by manufacturers. By coming together as a community to share our experiences and aggregate our funds, our membership can affect real change.

The ACBA is a nonprofit trade association devoted to advocacy and research on behalf of our member aesthetic clinicians and their non-OEM providers.

The ACBA aims to be a vigorous advocate and sophisticated ambassador in legal and regulatory venues across the country and in markets around the world, giving member clinicians and their providers a powerful voice in the marketplace. As the ACBA grows in membership, so will it also grow in service to the members, their practices, and their business partners.

This is why we started the ACBA. We invite you to read about the valuable benefits afforded to ACBA members. With several levels of membership offered, opportunities exist for all practitioners to participate and have access to the wealth of ACBA resources.

What important benefits do members of the ACBA receive upon payment of a one-time membership fee?

  • Change: First and foremost, membership will bring about change to our industry. Together we can put an end the predatory practices that feed on our businesses.
  • Equity Protection: The ACBA Buyer's Guide offers invaluable strategies that will help you protect your equity in the capital assets purchased.
  • Legal Assistance: With the help of some of the world’s best litigators, we will begin the legal process to protect our next capital equipment purchases from valuation erosion and in doing so, potentially recover a portion of the losses we have incurred by manufacturers’ monopolistic actions.

The costs of membership are typically tax-deductible; please confirm with your accountant, who can provide specific financial advice based on your situation.

ACBA Membership

Members at $295.00 annually
  • Buyers Guide
  • Access to your device(s) social forums (Pending)
  • ACBA Tool Kit
    • Scripted Negotiation Deal Points
    • Consumables
    • No Re-certification Fees
    • Contract Pitfalls
  • Phone/Skype® Access to the Board Members (15 min. max. Consulting fee may apply if longer.)
  • Access to Quarterly Video Town Hall Meeting

Corporate Sponsor/Service Provider and Compliant OEM  $2495.00

  • Once you subscribe to Code of Ethics, you can use the ACBA badge in your marketing.
  • You will be listed on the site as a ACBA Preferred and Validated Vendor
  • Access to Quarterly Video Town Hall Meeting
  • May be invited to speak on panel of Quarterly Video Town Hall Meeting

Board Seat (Only 5 left)-$10,000

  • Seat on the Board driving the goals of the membership
  • Setting Policy

Once you register with the ACBA, we will contact you with periodic news of the ACBA’s growth and progress as we get up and running. Your personal information will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

After your membership is approved, we will contact you with further details regarding the opportunity to share your story. We ask that you only send the information we request at this time.

Please do not send us information of a legal or confidential nature, including details of a dispute or professional issue with a manufacturer or vendor. In the near future, this website will provide a way to submit such information anonymously and confidentially. If you provide your contact information, we can alert you as soon as that feature is ready. In the meantime, feel free to check this site frequently for updates to our operations.