Half of my Face Rotted Off! – Redding, CA~Say NO to Radiesse!


I am a cosmetic laser nurse and injected Radiesse, Restylane and Juvederm for many years. Last February the company sent a new injector trainer to show me and my staff the latest way to augment cheekbones to do the ‘liquid lift’. I chose to be injected first before my volunteer patients to see how it felt.

She blocked the blood flow to my left cheek entirely!!! The product is incredibly thick, and this is a risk factor. I looked in the mirror and said, “You’ve occluded my blood flow.” She shook it off and said, “Julie, you just know too much. Now relax and let me do the other side.” My husband is the physician in our practice. I wanted to run down the hall and show him but she just downplayed it and kept injecting me. By the time she was through with me and my hubby saw it, it was too late. The tissue was dying.

For 6 months I had pain and disfigurement as my left cheek rotted off and had to regrow. Now, nearly a year later, I am left with pitted skin like severe acne scars. I have lasered it 5 times and only reduced the redness. I have spent thousands of dollars flying around california for medical advice to keep it from scarring, laser treatments, medicines, etc. The company had some Florida doctor call me from his car phone to tell me what to do and what to take. He was a total jerk. I asked the company to please send me to a California doctor so I could see them in person. They wouldn’t. I was clearly on my own.

The company couldn’t give a crap. They have NEVER called to check on me. The representative sent me one short email that basically said I was in good hands with my husband. That was it acheter du cialis le moins cher. The nurse felt bad, and was super sweet. But even she has not checked up on me since it all went down. I think they advised her not to email me anymore for fear of lawsuit.

I wish there was a class action suit.They are getting away with horrible business practices.

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