CoolSculpting Result

CoolSculpt[ing] Horrible NEED Ultrasonic Liposuction to Hopefully Fix, NO OTHER Option Male, 6 Ft3, 215lbs Fit

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Coolsculpt[ing] by Zeltiq to help a small trouble spot, turned into a large protruding gross lump of firm fat! Made my “trouble area” worse I would say triple the size :{ Zeltiq Coolsculpt[ing] has RUINED my body, I never was even CLOSE to needing or opting for Liposuction, now it has been confirmed its the ONLY option to fix this, invasive surgery, something I did NOT ever want.

I have never written on a blog before… I am doing so in hopes others realize what can actually happen and so the information given pre treatment (the waiver and info from Zeltiq) is CLEAR with pictures. (its a VERY small thing you initial about this followed in same sentence by “any other unknown result can occur” VERY misleading you don’t even notice, and when your technician who you trust genuinely isn’t aware of it happening, you proceed VERY confident that your WORSE case scenario will be a bit of pain and maybe not much improvement.

When REALITY is it can be a VERY bad result, which happened to me and others on this site which sadly I found AFTER it was done :{

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