What is ACBA Certified?

As a non-profit trade association dedicated to advocacy and research, the ACBA is the influential voice for Clinicians and their non-OEM Providers.  We focus on advocating policies and advancing initiatives that encourage business growth and enterprise value for our members.  The power of the ACBA’s board members and supporters comes from our collective efforts and resources.  When something important to our members is happening anywhere in the U.S. or across the globe, the ACBA is therev – your voice, your advocate.

ACBA has established a free Certification process to help protect our members. ACBA Certified users have signed a Code of Ethics, provided references and agreed to Binding Arbitration in the event of a dispute.

Being ACBA Certified makes a statement about your commitment to ethics and professionalism, and it sets a good example for others in the industry.

ACBA Membership


$295.00 annually

  • Buyers Guide
  • Access to your device(s) social forums (Pending)
  • ACBA Tool Kit
  • Scripted Negotiation Deal Points
  • Consumables
  • No Re-certification Fees
  • Contract Pitfalls
  • Phone/Skype® Access to the Board Members (15 min. max. Consulting fee may apply if longer.)
  • Access to Quarterly Video Town Hall Meeting

Corporate Sponsor/Service Provider and Compliant OEM

$2495.00 annually

  • Once you subscribe to Code of Ethics, you can use the ACBA badge in your marketing.
  • You will be listed on the site as a ACBA Preferred and Validated Vendor
  • Access to Quarterly Video Town Hall Meeting
  • May be invited to speak on panel of Quarterly Video Town Hall Meeting

Board Seat

$10,000 annually

  • Seat on the Board driving the goals of the membership
  • Setting Policy